References from our first two years

Here is an overview on what we were busy doing around Europe – Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, France and Germany – also nice projects in Spain, UK, USA and Middle East. Pictures are placed here in chronological order.

HKScan / Gastro 2018, Helsinki, Finland

HKScan 001







HKScan 002







HKScan 006







HKScan 008









HKScan 003







HKScan 007










AIRAM / Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018, Stockholm, Sweden

airam 04








airam 06









airam 05








airam 07










AIRAM / SähköTeleValoAV 2018, Jyväskylä, Finland

Airam 001








Airam 005










Airam 002










Airam 003









Airam 004










HyTest Ltd / Medica 2017, Düsseldorf, Germany

HyTest_Medica2017 1

HyTest_Medica2017 2


Uniarts / Helsinki Book Fair 2017, Helsinki, Finland

TaideYO_Kirja2017_1 TaideYO_Kirja2017_2

When you throw a challenge to Sari and Milja from Moodboard, they answeryes, no problem”. And you really can count on it! Next time you need to trouble your head is when you accept the solution or choose the best option. Moodboard’s work is stylish, clever and punctional.”

Hanna Prami, Marketing Coordinator, The University of the Arts Helsinki

TaideYO_Kirja2017_3 TaideYO_Kirja2017_4


The Qt Company / Qt World Summit, Berlin, Germany

QtWs2017_outside day

QtWs2017_outside night


Moodboard has a very professional grip on doing events and exhibitionsMilja and Sari are creative, flexible, cost-conscious and they understand business goals well. Their communication is active and they are very proactive in what they do. We can totally focus on our core business. Before the event/exhibition starts, we can count on that everything will be carried out as agreed and always on time. We don’t have to stress or get nervous about the preparations at all. Co-operation with Moodboard has been very smooth all-in-all and it feels that Milja and Sari are part of our own team.”

Katja Kumpulainen, Senior Vice President, Marketing, The Qt Company

QtWS2017_stage 2

QtWS2017_videowall 3


Fredman Group / Anuga 2017, Cologne, Germany



We were very impressed by Moodboard’s proactive communication, attention to details and their way of keeping us constantly up-to-date about the project. Moodboard’s service was top-notch from start to finish. We were extremely happy and satisfied with our exhibition stand and preparations at ANUGA2017, all our wishes were taken care of as agreed and on time.”

Riikka Raatikainen, Brand Journalist, Fredman Perfect Kitchen Ltd

Fredman_Anuga2017_2Fredman_Anuga2017_4 Fredman_Anuga2017_3



AIRAM/ Habitare 2017, Helsinki, Finland

Airam_Habitare2017 1 Airam_Habitare 3 Airam_Habitare2017 2


Haloila / Drinktec 2017, Munich, Germany

Haloila_Drinktec2017_1 Haloila_Drinktec2017_3Haloila_Drinktec2017_2  Haloila_Drinktec2017_4


Rightware / IAA 2017, Frankfurt, Germany

Rightware_IAA2017_2 Rightware_IAA2017_1  Rightware_IAA2017_3


Champion Door / Paris Air Show 2017, Paris, France

ChampionDoor_Paris2017_1 ChampionDoor_Paris2017_2ChampionDoor_Paris2017_3 ChampionDoor_Paris2017_4


Normet International / WTC 2017, Bergen, Norway

Normet_WTC2017_1 Normet_WTC2017_2Normet_WTC2017_4

Normet_WTC2017_3 Normet_WTC2017_8 Normet_WTC2017_7


Suominen / Index 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

IMG_0543 w


We chose Moodboard as our partner to the most important exhibition of our industry, Index2017 in Geneva. The exhibition concept, designed by Moodboard, was extremely functional and our stand was also visually outstanding. Moodboard carried out the planning of project extremely well and various details of preparations were taken care of well in advance. During the exhibition days, we could 100% focus on our most important taskmeeting and taking care of our clients and partners. In the meanwhile Sari and Milja took care of all the practicalitiessometimes even in very short notice.”

Anu Heinonen, VP Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, Suominen Corporation

IMG_0480 w

IMG_0528 w

IMG_0490 w


The Qt Company / Embedded World 2017, Nuremberg, Germany







Rightware / Embedded World 2017, Nuremberg, Germany

EW17_Rightware_002 w

EW17_Rightware_001 w

EW17_Rightware_003 w

EW17_Rightware_004 w


Airam / Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

esitys IMG_0199

esitys IMG_0214

esitys IMG_0206

esitys IMG_0234


Cumulus City & Resort / Nordic Travel Fair 2017, Helsinki, Finland

esitys IMG_0149

esitys IMG_0144

esitys IMG_0153

esitys IMG_0154


Restel / Travel Business Forum 2017, Helsinki, Finland

esitys IMG_0163

esitys IMG_0174


Restel / Congress Fair 2017, Helsinki, Finland

Restel2 (kopio)


Danske Bank / Slush 2016, Helsinki, Finland

img_0100 img_0135


Procountor Sverige / Företag & Ekonomi 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

img_4099  img_6607


Uniarts / Helsinki Book Fair 2016, Helsinki, Finland

img_4113  img_4124


Airam / K-team 2016, Helsinki, Finland


img_4162  img_4166


Renault / Motoshow 2016, Tartu, Estonia



Orient Occident / ID 2016, Helsinki, Finland

img_6147 img_6150